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My Background

I am Jackeline Muñoz, half Brazilian half Spanish, currently living in Kent-UK at the moment.

I started practising massage just as a hobby, 30 years ago. I used to Surf, so the main public who I used to practice on were athletes. When I moved to Spain I specialised on therapies for the spine in Begona Ferrero Massage School in 2005. Following this I started treating bodybuilders for sport related injuries and performance improvement. 

Also, for five years I was the official masseuse to all the competitors and athletes at the International Centre of Windsurf in Pozo Izquierdo, Spain.

In Portugal during the weekends, I attended members of the Nautical Centre in Faro Beach. 

I have lived in Europe for 17 years where I continue to learn new and improved techniques.  In 2019 I was invited to compete in the World Massage Championships, which happens every year in Denmark- Copenhagen. This was an incredible and valuable experience which allowed me to share and teach my knowledge as well as learn a great variety of new techniques from a specially chosen 150 therapy professionals from every part of the world. Currently in England I have a studio at home to receive my private clients, and I also teach people massage.
I have been massaging for 30 years and I love it!


My Approach

My approach during sessions is very straight forward and simple, yet effective!

In the first session I will identify what your pain or issue is by asking some simple questions and doing a series of quick physical examinations. It is important that I examine your posture, how you walk and any anomalies with your spine or problem area in order to provide a treatment that will effectively help your well-being.

I believe that a very effective session starts as soon as the physical treatment starts, therefore the initial examination will take no longer than 5/10 minutes.

The treatment I provide is a full body, mixed approach with chiropractic elements (if and when needed), reflexology, deep tissue massage, as well as relaxation. The standard session lasts approximately 1 hour and may take depending on each individual.

Other treatments are shown on the services.

At the end of the session I teach and recommend tailored exercises individual to each client to help improve with the pain or problem area

For more information contact me.

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